Robert Downey Jr. Reclaims Is Hunk Factor On Entertainment Weekly Cover

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I don’t know about you but I’ve never really looked at Robert Downey Jr. and thought Mmmm mmm what a hunk. Then I saw the trailer for Sherlock Holmes. I was not only on the edge of my seat but saw Mr. Downey in a whole new, uhmm hunky light. Then my editor forwarded me the new Entertainment Weekly cover with Robert Downey looking mysterious and very hunktacular.

Robert Downey Jr  Reclaims is Hunk Factor On Entertainment Weekly Cover EW1077CVR UPC PROMO jpg
For the longest time he was not on my radar at all, as an actor or even as a male celebrity that I could possibly find attractive. My less then wholesome thoughts have  now done a complete 360 and all I can think about is seeing him…well you get the idea.

Check out the Sherlock Holmes Trailer after the jump!

Regarding seeing Robert Downey Jr. naked….well we might just get to in this upcoming Thriller! Due out Christmas 2009! Can’t wait!

What do you think about Robert Downey Jr.’s Hunk Status?

Image Credit: Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly