Robert Downey Jr. Says Feminism Is ‘Make-Believe’, So Don’t Tell His New Baby Girl

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Right back atcha, buddy.

Can one of you cover Robert Downey Jr.‘s daughter's ears for a second? She's that little tiny baby with the hard-to-pronounce name, and I really don't want her to hear what I'm about to say about her dad not believing in feminism.

Whoops! Didn't mean to spill the beans like that! Hope you had her ears covered, otherwise that's a hard truth to digest at less than a week old. But seriously, what age do you think is the right age for Rural Juror Avri Roel to be told that her father doesn't think she has equal rights to Kelly Rowland‘s son Titan Jewell, born on the same day? Because that's essentially what RDJ said during a student union address at Cambridge recently.

Earlier queries in the Q&A had been about such journalistic topics as Robert's dick size — “they don't call me ‘Throbbing Knob' for nothing”, insert eyeroll — but the final question of the night was from a reporter on The Tab, Cambridge's student newspaper, who asked:

Scarlett Johansson has never had her own superhero movie. Would you call yourself a feminist?”

Those sound like two separate statements begging for a segue to me, but maybe there was one earlier in the night, because RDJ responded:

“You bastard. Yeah, that's all make believe, son.”

What's make believe? The fact that Iron Man has had three movies to his name in the past six years alone, while all female superheroes have had a combined…zero in the past ten. And that's only if you count Catwoman and Elektrawhich I'm hoping you don't, because they were piles of hot garbage. If you don't include those two, that brings the stats to…zero in the past ever.

But sure sure, Robert, tell me again how this is all make-believe and you can't even label yourself a feminist. Which is literally the least you could do.

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