RDJ Shan’t Return For Iron Man 4, Will Probs Show Up For The Avengers Sequels

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Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in Iron Man promotional stillMust be nice to be Robert Downey Jr., am I right, guys? You play Tony Stark one time and all of a sudden you're automatically signed up for two huge movie franchises — Iron Man and The Avengers — with at least three films each. This guy could be diving into swimming pools of money like Scrooge McDuck, if he isn't already. Although I could understand why he's not, because I feel like that would be really painful. UNLESS he wears the Iron Man suit while he does it. Oh boy, I just went down an imagination rabbit hole. Where am I? Ah yes, in RDJ's parlor, polishing his Faberge egg collection! How could I forget?

But back to business — Robert had a meeting yesterday to plan his future as Tony Stark, and he's drawing a rather odd line in the sand. Although he says he's on board for The Avengers 2 and 3, he's not interested in coming back for any potential Iron Man 4 movie, so I hope Iron Man 3 wraps itself up all fancy-like! Robert has long been rumored to be interested in retiring as Tony Stark, but he was obligated to do at least three movies first. But now that he's completed his contract, the movie's producers are in a tricky position. Even though he'd be expensive to retain for a fourth Iron Man movie — they had to pay him $50 million for The Avengers in 2012 — it would almost be more expensive to lose him:

“It would be a definite negative for that particular franchise. He is Tony Stark. The other individual franchises — Thor, Captain America, Hulk — etc., don't have near the level of box-office potential that Iron Man does. The other way to look at it is that Iron Man would probably look more like those other franchises in terms of box-office performance without Downey.”

Yeah I really can't imagine they'd even do a fourth movie without RDJ, would they? That would be like Scrooge McDuck's pool of coins without Scrooge McDuck! Don't be ridiculous.

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