Rob Lowe Is Mustached And Untouchable In Lifetime’s Wonderfully Campy New Trailer

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Just in time for the holidays, Lifetime has gifted us this incredible new trailer for Drew Peterson: Untouchable. The network's latest biopic, about wife-killer Drew Peterson, had to be retitled from the more inflammatory Ladykiller: The Drew Peterson Story. However, that hasn't stopped the filmmakers from shooting this like a horror movie, complete with a garage door that keeps opening and closing ominously.

And who is that with the extra weight and gray mustache? Why, it's Rob Lowe, who spent the better part of this past year playing the accused murderer. It's clear that Lifetime has no sympathy for Peterson when Rob's one line is the super-campy “I'm untouchable, bitch.”

In fact, even the real Drew Peterson found it funny; the Chicago Tribune talked to his lawyer, who said he showed his client the trailer yesterday and got the reaction of “That's hilarious.” That said, Peterson's camp sent Lifetime a cease-and-desist because the movie's release date (January 21) is pretty close to Peterson's trial and most likely will skew the jurors' viewpoints. But an entertainment lawyer told the newspaper that as long as Lifetime's movie purports to be an opinion piece — that is, the network saying they believe Peterson is guilty — instead of a factual story, they're protected by the First Amendment.

The movie also stars Kaley Cuoco as Stacy Peterson, one of Drew's unlucky wives.

OK, we've kept you waiting long enough. Check out the Untouchable trailer: