In Honor Of His Birthday, Let’s Dissect How Rob Lowe Goes From Hot To Creepy Back To Hot Better Than Anyone

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rob lowe birthday

Ah, Rob Lowe.  Like a fine wine, he gets better with age.  Unlike cheese, dirty socks, Lifetime movies, and his younger brother Chad.  He also happens to be the absolute best at being hot, creepy, and creepy-hot.  My dad is the exact same age as Rob Lowe and I must admit, my dad looks just like Rob Lowe.  When Rob Lowe portrayed the mustachioed wife-killer Drew Peterson:

Rob Lowe Birthday 6


(Photo courtesy of Lifetime)

You wouldn't think that a man as chiseled and ultimately perfect-looking could pull off “creepy” as well as Rob Lowe can.  For some reason, he's even still attractive even when he lowers himself to star in Lifetime movies.  Let's analyze the evolution of Rob Lowe, shall we?

Here we have a baby-faced Rob.  Feathered, fierce, and ready to make every teenage girl in the 80's want to drop her panties with those baby blues.

Rob Lowe Birthday 1


Now, if you pay close attention, you can clearly see that Rob Lowe's level of bad-assery increases with the feathered cut of his hair.  Still hot, but slightly creepy.

Rob Lowe Birthday 5


For those of you cool enough to recall, Rob Lowe was in the first installment of Wayne's World, where he played a giant dickhead.  And he played it well.  Slicked-back hair this time, with a touch of smarm.  Creepy in a jerk-off kind of way, but still hot.

Rob Lowe Birthday 4


And here we have a late-ninetines, early millenium Rob Lowe.  Completely back to hot.  All scandals of 80s sex tapes behind him and a clean-cut mock turtleneck sweater match his eyes.  A little DILF-ish, which is creepy, but again- still hot.

Rob Lowe Birthday 2


Once again, this is Rob Lowe in the Lifetime movie about Drew Peterson (not to be confused with Dean Cain's Lifetime portrayal of Scott Peterson).  This is creepy and nothing but creepy.  But notice how he still looks 10x better than the actual Drew Peterson.  How many people can pull off a fumanchu ‘stache in 2013?

Rob Lowe Birthday 7

(courtesy of Lifetime)

And here is is most recently on Parks & Rec.  Very hot.  A little off. Sometimes creepy. But still hot. The man is an enigma.

Rob Lowe Birthday 3


(Lead Photo: Tumblr)