Rob Lowe Calls Amy Poehler A Prick, And No You May Not Have Any Context

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Last night Rob Lowe went on The Late Show with Dave Letterman to explain how he's managed to continue to grow more handsome as he ages. Just kidding. That's not why he was there. But I wish it was why he was because I'm genuinely interested in how he does it. While I can assume that he and John Stamos take turns Hocus-Pocusing small children like the Sanderson Sisters, I can't confirm that as a fact until one of them comes out and says it. (However I can confirm that I'm legally obligated to mention Hocus Pocus 10 more times before Halloween. And/or after a virgin lights the black candle.)

However last night wasn't about his beauty regimen, it was about his upcoming departure from Parks and Rec this season. Even though I keep hearing that he and Rashida Jones are leaving the show, I can't quite believe it. Because whhhhyyyyyyyy? (And if you pronounce that “whhhhyyyyyyyy” correctly, it should take you 43 seconds.) Letterman's also a little bit in disbelief that the two are leaving a hit show that they star on. But Rob Lowe clears that all up by explaining that Amy Poehler's a total prick and they couldn't work with her for one more day. Which, based on everything we know about her, seems just about right.

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