Rob Kardashian Pulled A Selena Gomez And Unfollowed Everyone Except Kris And Kylie Jenner On Twitter

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Rob Kardashian Blinking Thing

Rob Kardashian tore a page straight out of Selena Gomez's playbook and unfollowed almost everyone on TwitterNot that he uses the account a whole bunch anyway, since making his much-awaited return to tweeterdom. But still, him electing to unfollow his entire family is cause for raising not one, but both of my eyebrows. It's a two-eyebrow situation, people; be on high alert.

As of last night, Rob cleaned house unfollowed every soul, with the exception of Kris and Kylie Jenner. Now, I'm no Selena Gomez, Unfollower Extraordinaire, but that seems a little incomplete, right? Or, like, a lot incomplete, whatever. Like maybe he purposely left just those two on his “Following” list? Maybe they're the only ones who didn't stifle laughter at his attempts to explain why he'd be bringing his personal trainer to a two-day wedding. Or maybe he actually wanted to unfollow everyone, but he needed an inside source to keep him updated on the inevitable Kimye divorce.

Rob Kardashian Unfollows Family(Screenshot: Daily Mail)

I feel like Rob is saying something with this unfollow spree, it's just a matter of figuring out what thing. Because unfollowing your entire family and everyone you know seems excessive, unless for a good reason, no?

Current Rob would tend to agree with me, considering the fact that he refollowed his other sisters as I was typing this.

Rob Kardashian Following Sisters Kim Khloe Kourtney Kendall Jenner

Basically he's a mind reader, but not such a great one, since he didn't take into account that the internet doesn't allow for anything to happen under the radar. Especially not when your mom is Kris Jenner, who, until 5 minutes ago, was unaware that there was any location other than “above, on, and all around” said radar. So, here's to hoping that we get answers really soon, because I break out in hives if I don't know every detail about Kardashian drama there is to know.

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