Blind Gossip Suggests Rob Kardashian Is In Rehab — Oh Yeah And He Has A Kid

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Rob Kardashian dancing with Mason Disick GIFGet out your magnifying glasses and your Sherlock Holmes hats everyone, because I have a pop culture mystery for you to solve. And unless I miss my guess, it's about Rob Kardashian.

As far as we know right now, Rob is down in Florida somewhere, just taking some time off from the spotlight that the rest of his family is constantly under. And over. And in the middle of. And shining back at themselves in the mirror. Basically any which way they can get attention, they're going for it, and Rob needed a little break from that, to go get his head together. And presumably get on the right track to losing some of the weight he's put on since his breakup with Rita Ora, since Kris Jenner has told him he has to lose seventy pounds by Kim‘s wedding.

But for as much as we were convinced he was just down there chilling out, his situation overlaps quite a bit with the details from this Blind Gossip post. Check it out.

  • He comes from a famous family with ‘lots of money lots of publicity on a daily basis'.
  • He's been on the other side of the country since last summer.
  • The ratings on his family's TV shows are continuing to drop.
  • References are made to a significant weight gain.

Sounds a lot like Rob, right? I think so too. And that could mean that the real reason that Rob is across the country from his family right now is to get treatment. According to this post, he began in an inpatient program last summer, and has now transitioned to outpatient.

His treatment at the facility is supposedly for ‘a serious eating disorder and severe depression', neither of which his family is taking seriously. His famous family, that is. According to Blind Gossip's suggestion, Rob is joined in Florida by a woman and her young son — who's actually his son. Allegedly this child is approximately the same age as ‘his sister's son', meaning Kourtney‘s son Mason Disick, who turned four last December.

Apparently the rest of the Kardashians are aware of this fact, but they're keeping it in the chamber in case they need to scrape the bottom of the barrel for their next KUWTK spinoff.

Believe it or don't, either way is fine with me. I'm just hoping that if this is about Rob, that he gets the help he needs instead of being bullied into an even more negative situation by the rest of his family.

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