New Photos Of Rob Kardashian Allegedly Doing Hard Drugs May Finally Convince His Family That He Needs Serious Help

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Rob Kardashian April 4 2013 London UK

New alarming photos of Rob Kardashian allegedly doing drugs at a party have surfaced online. So, I'm going to wager that there's been enough of this “he's working on himself” business that Kris Jenner likes to sell to the public. We've been guessing for a while that there is a lot going on with Rob, especially surrounding the whole “skipping Kimye's wedding” circus. Plus, he's not exactly noted for his chipper, upbeat demeanor as of late. But there's now, what seems to be, photographic evidence that he's suffering from something as serious as a possible drug addiction. 

The photos, which appear to be taken on different days, allegedly show Rob blowing a cloud of smoke while passing something to a nearby person and babysitting sets of double-stacked cups. And, while I guess some people are tempted to write off weed-smoking as nothing at all, those doubled-up cups hint at something way scarier.

You see, that just so happens to be the container of choice for the highly addictive intoxicant sizzurp, or lean, named so for the euphoric and almost paralyzing effects that it usually has. It actually has a bunch of names, but they basically all translate to “serious trouble, thanks to all of that codeine and promethazine being abused”. But, if the double cups aren't enough to get those nerves of yours buzzing, just know that the second photo shows a set of cups with a quaint little design that says “SipLean” on one side and “Codeine Boys” on the other.

I'm not sure how anything could be scarier than visually witnessing a loved one partake in a drug that has been attached to multiple deaths and injuries in the past. So, I truly hope that someone who cares about Rob's well-being (instead of how much him being fat is hurting the family's brand) convinces him agree to attending a rehab facility faster than he's able to say the word “lean.” And that's a pretty short word, just to give you an idea of how urgent this feels.

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