Rob Kardashian Makes His Triumphant Twitter Return, Wastes No Time Reminding Us How Sad He Is

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Hey, guys. How's your day going? You feeling good? In a better mood than you thought you'd be? Well too bad, because it's time to talk about how sad Rob Kardashian is. This isn't really anything new, in that he's always been the saddest Kardashian of them all just as a side effect of being the youngest and only male sibling who also happens to lack a K name. He's just a triple threat of “Wait, what? Who's that? There's a brother?” But lately things have gone from sad to really sad thanks to a few troubling rumors and this new cryptic tweet.

Rob returned from a Twitter break to remind us he exists and is still sad, tweeting the following yesterday:

Yes, he does sound like he's doing an impression of that one girl you knew in middle school who you're somehow friends with on Facebook and who spends every day posting cryptic statuses about how much she hates people and will never trust anyone again, etc., etc. And then inevitably five people will comment like “OMG what happened?” and she'll be like “Ugh, I don't want to talk about it.” And then you'll break your keyboard from banging your head against it.

But when you add this message to the various reports about Rob that have come out recently, this is pretty troubling. Not only are there rumors that he has a secret child, but his mom Kris Jenner is also allegedly pressuring him to lose 70 pounds by Kimye's wedding. So, yeah… not the cheeriest things in the world. If this mysterious tweet was not, in fact, a knee-jerk reaction to getting a particularly painful papercut or an April Fool's joke (I don't trust anyone or anything anymore), then I hope Rob can get help and receive the support that he needs from somebody. Whether that will come from his family I don't know.

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