Rob Kardashian Lied To Twitter About Going To Law School

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Just as we were congratulating Rob Kardashian on deciding to do something real for a living by going to law school, the law school he said he was going to attend has informed us that he will be doing no such thing. Embarrassing!

This past Monday, Rob tweeted that he was going to law school “very soon” at the University of Southern California, and many were impressed that Rob would even consider learning a trade when he could just be Kim Kardashian‘s brother for a living. But those who thought a law career would be far too stressful for Rob's already overburdened (with socks) brain were quickly vindicated by a statement from the USC Gould School Of Law. “Rob Kardashian is not coming here, but we wish him luck at law school,” the school said in a tweet. “Rob Kardashian hasn’t even applied to USC Law.” Whoever is running USC's social media presence has a talent for subtle meanness no? He/she should really considering blogging.

A closer look at the original tweet, however, reveals that Rob Kardashian might have more aptitude for legalese than we think. Here it is again:

You will note that Rob kept it vague when he was actually going to law school; “very soon” could mean anything from “this coming fall” to “when I can no longer leech off my sister's fame.” And while he strongly implied he's going to USC, the hashtags could simply be a reference to Rob's affinity for school in general; he went there for undergrad. Perhaps he's psyching himself up for future law school attendance by hashtag-ing fondly about past school experiences?

Was Rob's tweet basically a huge lie? Yes. But it was worded in a way that made it technically, potentially, not-un-truthy. It seems to me that Rob doesn't need to go to law school. He's great at dissembling already.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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