Rob Delaney And Ellen Page’s Twitter Feud Was Probably Fake, But Still Depressing

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Ellen Page attending the Vanity Fair Oscar party March 2014[Update: I might've been had! Check out the bottom of this post for revealing new tweets.]

I'm one of those terrible people who loves a good Twitter feud. If celebrities are willing to air out their dirty laundry in public, I'm all about it, mostly because they're usually fighting about the pettiest stuff, and I find it hilarious.

But even a nosy old snark like me couldn't enjoy the back-and-forth between Ellen Page and Rob Delaney, because actual genuine feelings got hurt. It's all fun and games until someone says how they're really feeling, and all of a sudden it doesn't feel so fun anymore to be peering into these people's private lives.

In case you're not familiar with Rob, he's a comedian and writer from LA who's extremely popular on Twitter. He didn't make our list of the funniest people to follow, but he made like 1.3 million other people's, so I think he'll be okay. Anyway, he's known for tweeting irreverent, sometimes nonsensical, frequently hilarious little thoughts, and yesterday, one of them was this:

Not his best, but I'll give it a noncommittal ‘haaa' and move on, assuming that I'll never know whose screenplay he's talking about, or if he even had one in mind when he tweeted that. EXCEPT NOW I DO KNOW. Because it was Ellen Page's, and she publicly called Rob out for shitting on it.

Yikes! And lest you think that was just a funny joke on Ellen's part, check out Rob's incredibly sobering response.

Ooooof. I like…don't even know what to say to that. Like anyone with a heart, I get no joy out of someone earnestly expressing their hurt feelings, so this Twitter exchange was a rough way to start the day. More Naya Rivera throwing shade at Big Sean and Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry threatening to spank each other, please! Post-haste! Update: Because Ellen quotes the tweets and responds instead of just pressing reply, I didn't see some of the tweets in the original conversation, and now I feel like a real dingus. Here's the end of that convo, now with 110% less depression!


‘It hurts'? Cracks at CNN correspondents? Sigh. I'm sorry guys, I let you down. MY EARNESTNESS-RADAR IS BROKEN.

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