Watch A Guy Sing One Song In 29 Different Celebrity Voices And Nail Every Single One

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Rob Cantor one song celebrity voices July 2014

There really are few things better than a really great celebrity impression, so getting 29 of them in one video is simply glorious. When those impressions are sung, it's even better, and when they're all absolutely spot-on, you might as well say goodbye to all your friends because you've got a one-way ticket to viral video heaven. That's why this new video from Rob Cantor (with help from Andrew Horowitz on the piano) is so satisfying. He performs one song (a very charming original one at that) in 29 celebrity voices. And it's extremely impressive.

The song is appropriately titled “Perfect.” It's not the first time we've heard someone sing a song with celebrity impressions. Christina Bianco does it all the time, and very well at that. But there a few things that make Rob's version stand out. First of all, not all the celebrities he impersonates are male. He can imitate Shakira just as well as he can imitate Randy Newman. The voices also don't all belong to singers, or even real-life humans. He imitates non-musical people like Ian McKellen as well as fictional characters like Peter Griffin and even Flipper. To be good at celebrity impressions is one thing, but to have those impressions be so varied and all be spot-on is amazing.

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling pretty untalented right now. I can barely do one impression, let alone 29, let alone ones for celebrities of different genders and levels of realism and musical ability. Oh yeah, and I also possess no songwriting ability. But I guess I won't hold Rob's talent against him for now, since this video is just too much fun to watch. Seriously, how did he get that Gwen Stefani one so spot-on? Black magic? That's the only explanation.