Turns Out That ’29 Celebrity Impressions’ Video You Loved Was All A Big Fat Lie

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Rob Cantor one song celebrity voices behind the scenes July 2014

In news that will make you go “Ugh please, not this again,” that video you watched last week of singer/songwriter Rob Cantor performing an original song while doing 29 celebrity impressions was actually a big fat lie. A hoax. A fake. A charade. Rob admittedly “cannot do a single celebrity impression,” so he got eleven actual impressionists and a trumpet player to do it for him and then lip-synced to it. We've all been duped. Nothing is real anymore. Trust no one.

Rob revealed the truth about the hoax in a new behind-the-scenes video. Yep, just like Jimmy Kimmel's whole “twerking girl on fire” prank, something that still makes my blood boil upon remembering it. Of course, he chose to tell the truth a week later after he'd already accumulated seven million views. Which makes sense, since the impressions were spot-on. And that's because multiple talented people were behind them. Thankfully those people are now getting the recognition they deserve. We have to also start a slow clap for Crushable's own Alexis Rhiannon, who pointed out that she was suspicious of the video as soon as she saw it.

I could have handled it all being lip-synced, if it were actually Rob doing the voices. Call me naive, but I just wanted to believe it was real. A good celebrity impression is one of my favorite things, so betraying me with 29 of them really stings. Why can't we all be honest with each other? Rob's song “Perfect” is actually really catchy and charming, and the actual impressionists who sang it are super talented. But the fact that it's all wrapped up in this blanket of lies all for the sake of going viral really annoys me. Let's remedy this by appreciating the actual talent behind these impressions, and then by watching Christina Bianco videos for the rest of the day. If she turns out to be a fake too I don't think I'll ever trust anyone again.