One Girl Mashes Up ‘Roar’ And ‘Brave’ So Beautifully That You’re Going To Feel Prettier After Watching It

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CaraRose Brave Roar Mash Up

Looking for proof that the Pop Culture Gods not only exist, but work in overtime during this time of year? Well, look no further than this mash-up that Youtube user CararoseDP99 did of Sara Bareilles' “Brave” and Katy Perry's “Roar.” It's what we in the mash-up industry like to call perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Ever since “Roar” debuted earlier this year, people have pointed out the obvious similarities between the two songs. Even I – a tone-deaf girl asked by her middle school teacher to lip sync during choir practice — could hear the similarities between the two songs. As could this young YouTube user, a regular Hannah Montana who goes to elementary school during the day and does mash-ups at night. While the world sharpened their pitchforks and prepared to avenge the song theft, Sara Bareilles said during an interview that she's totally cool with the fact that the two songs are basically the same. Which forced all of us to feel like idiots.

Do you have any idea how much it costs to sharpen a pitchfork in Manhattan?! Also to print up up thousands of flyers with Katy Perry's face that said “Wanted for blatant song theft, also for making us want to yak with all the John Mayer PDA.” Last time I go out on a limb for a celebrity. (Unless of course, someone like J.Law's actually stuck on a limb. In that case, I'll go out. And force her to become blood sisters..and then and only then, help her off the limb.)

But enough about my need for revenge (as well as my need for an apology for season two of Revenge) and more about this amazing mash-up. Now I don't want to be an ageist here, but I'm pretty sure this girl's still in high school. And I'm also pretty sure that she performs BOTH parts of this duet. It's like watching Lindsey Lohan in The Parent Trap, but better because you don't feel pressured by society/middle school to learn a complicated handshake after you watch it.
Watch. Enjoy. Share on Facebook. And yes, I am trying to make that the modern version of Live. Laugh. Love.