16 Riverdale Actors Who Have Uncanny Celebrity Doppelgängers

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How many times have you started watching a TV show or movie and had to pause because you couldn't stop saying “that actor looks so familiar”? It is now common for us to rush over to Google and IMDB to check an actor or actress's entire work history, just to figure out what we recognize them from.

But sometimes, we realize we don't know them at all! It's because they look like someone else we know and love. These celebrity lookalikes, A.K.A. doppelgängers, haunt us all. Sometimes you think you've loved one actor for years, only to realize you were totally confusing them with someone else! If you're a big fan of Riverdale, chances are you've realized the cast has a bunch of doppelgängers. Some of them even have doppelgängers that are on the show! Doesn't Cheryl Blossom look just like one of your faves from Teen Wolf?