Everywhere You Turn, There’s A Fight On The Challenge: Rivals II!

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The Challenge: Rivals 2, Trishelle Canatella, Aneesa Ferreira

Missed The Challenge: Rivals II last night? Don’t worry, we’ll catch you up on what matters: the blowout between Knight and Marlon, followed promptly by Aneesa and Trishelle. We all know that no one watches for the actual Challenges anymore, because it’s obvious who will make it to the finals, and the fights and hookups are what matter now.

The Challenge: Rivals 2, Marlon Williams

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So the episode began with Marlon and Derek hooking up in a hidden spot at the house, and Marlon’s partner Jordan being questioned about Marlon’s sexuality. Jordan shared the fact that Marlon has had sex with a guy before, without putting any labels on it. Afterward, much of the cast, particularly Knight, went on to assume it just meant Marlon was gay. While playing a game of charades, Knight volunteered to imitate Marlon by acting out a BJ…. lovely. So then of course, a fight breaks out between Marlon and Knight, mostly consisting of other cast members holding each of them back. Marlon doesn’t let Knight get the best of him, though, hooking up with both Derek and Nany in the same episode! It seems our friend has much love for Latinos. Below are some Twitter reactions from cast members concerning Knight’s “joke”.

The Challenge Rivals 2, Twitter reactions to Knight and Marlon

As if Knight’s distasteful homophobic humor wasn’t enough drama for one night, later Trishelle and Aneesa get into it. Everyone’s sitting around drinking, and Trishelle begins incoherently babbling that Aneesa is “black, Jewish, a stripper…she’s everything.” But legitimately, she's making NO sense. Jemmye, the little instigator that she is, goes up to Aneesa and warns her that Trishelle is “talking shit.” Aneesa gets up in Trishelle’s face to ask what she’s talking about, while Trishelle can’t string together any ideas. Not that I think she could sober, either. My favorite part is Aneesa saying, “You’re still the same TRASH-elle you always were” because I’m a sucker for a good pun. Finally, Trishelle tries to get up in Aneesa’s face and in one of the best fight moves in Challenge history, all Aneesa has to do is lift her forearm and hold Trishelle back as the latter flings around aimlessly. I think it’s pretty clear most of the cast is on one lady’s side.

The Challenge: Rivals II, Twitter reactions to Trishelle and Aneesa

Apparently, this fight leads to Trishelle waking up early the next morning (and probably still drunk from the night before) quitting. Her partner, Sarah, has had her fair share of useless partners and having to go home due to their poor choices. Of course, MTV does what it always does and sends her home bawling because Trishelle is a loser. As probably one of the most beloved competitors, though often ridiculed as well for her overly optimistic demeanor, there’s no one who disagrees that she always gets the short end of the stick in these situations.

The Challenge: Rivals 2, Twitter reactions to Sarah

So what do you all think? Is anyone in the minority and trying to defend Knight or Trishelle? Should MTV do a Challenge called “Heroes v. Villains” and they are part of the latter team? Who else do you hope hooks up? And will Sarah ever not have dead weight on her team?

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