Watch Rita Ora Recreate The Mean Girls Talent Show Dance For Love Magazine

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Watch Rita Ora Recreate the Mean Girls Talent Show Dance for Love Magazine Rita Ora Love magazine gif

If you’re a fan of hot ladies dancing around in lingerie, you’ve no doubt heard about Love magazine’s advent calendar. But even though it leads up to Christmas, not all of the daily videos posted by the magazine have had much to do with the holiday season. I mean, what the hell was with Kendall Jenner scaring herself in a shark costume? Or Kris Jenner posing in a pool to the tune of “Trap Queen”? Or Kris Jenner doing anything, for that matter? Christmas is automatically ruined if she shows up, no matter how festive she is.

So imagine my delight when I saw that Saturday’s video for day 12, featuring Rita Ora, was extremely Christmassy. Not only that, but the whole thing is a Mean Girls reference. Mean Girls references make everything better. Four for you, Rita Ora! (And none for Kris Jenner.) See? The post just got better after I said that, didn’t it? It’s foolproof. Rita’s video, which was directed by Sam Faulkner, features that iconic two-piece patent leather Santa outfit, a boombox playing “Jingle Bell Rock,” and Janis Ian’s original choreography.

And yes, she ends up knocking over the boombox, although it sadly doesn’t hit Jason in the head this time. After a very cheesy look of shock aimed directly into the camera that I’d prefer to pretend doesn’t happen because it’s so awkward, Rita stands up and saves the day the Cady Heron way — by singing the rest of the song herself. Sure, this video probably would have been better if they’d gotten three more pretty ladies to dance along with her, a la the actual scene, but they didn’t, so we’ll have to settle for Rita playing all the Plastics at once. It’s a tough job posing for a sexy advent calendar.

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