If Rita Ora Isn’t Sleeping With Jay Z, Why Is She Covering Beyonce’s ‘Drunk In Love’?

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If Rita Ora Isn t Sleeping With Jay Z  Why Is She Covering Beyonce s  Drunk In Love  Rita Ora kissing face GIF gifThere have always been rumors about Jay Z cheating on Beyonce with Rita Ora, but in the past, no one’s been faster to deny them than Rita herself. Sure, she’s twenty-three and beautiful and talented, and just so happens to be signed to Jay’s label, but none of that stuff matters, because if you even suggest that Queen Bey is getting stepped out on, Rita will strike you with a lightning bolt. Or else Beyonce will. Regardless there will be a lightning bolt, and you will get hit with it.

But if Rita seriously wants the rumor mill to die down, she couldn’t have picked a worse method to make that happen than by covering the song ‘Drunk In Love’. Not only is that, like…the most Beyonce song ever right now, it’s also specifically about her relationship with Jay Z. He raps in it, he appears throughout the entire video, and — oh yeah — they talk about having sex with each other the whole time. THE WHOLE TIME. I’ve always felt like it’s a weird song for anybody to cover, but particularly Rita Ora. Just an odd situation to have your husband’s protege and rumored mistress singing your own sexually explicit lyrics at him.

But sing them she did, and not once, but twice! The first time was for a large crowd at the BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Glasgow this past Saturday, and again on the French television program Le Before du Grand Journal. That performance is pictured below.

I don’t know man. If you’re really gonna cover that song, it better be because your version is A. really different from the original or B. really good. And I kinda feel like that one was neither, so WHAT GIVES. No but seriously, I need answers.

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