Crushable Meme: Classic Nora Ephron

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We at Crushable are taking Nora Ephron‘s death really hard. We grew up on her romantic comedies, where Meg Ryan found love on the radio… or chatting over AOL email… or with a guy she totally hates! Seriously, put pre-plastic-surgery-disaster Meg Ryan on a movie screen and we'd buy it. Same with Meryl Streep, except replace “falling in love” with “portraying famous chefs with funny accents.”

As this lovely New York Times obituary says, Nora was a writer who evolved with the times: The past few years saw her adding “blogger” to her long list of titles when she began writing for the Huffington Post. It should come as no surprise, then, that there's a Nora Ephron meme. What, you didn't know about Classic Nora Ephron? Probably because we just created it now.

Even the tackiest of today's rom-coms owes a little something to Nora and the beloved clichés we noticed in her iconic films. We've collected images from her most famous movies and tracked the ways that she was keyed into what was hot before everyone else caught up. That's just classic Nora!