Riki Lindhome on “The Big Bang Theory”

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Riki Lindhome (Juliet on Gilmore Girls' Life & Death Brigade) had a guest appearance on the CBS show “The Big Bang Theory” on November 7th.

In the episode, entitled ‘The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem', Riki played Ramona Nowitzki. Ramona is a fan of Sheldon Cooper, and praises his lecture. Howard tries to hit on her, but she's interested only in Sheldon. Perhaps stalker-ish, she knows where Sheldon lives and brings him Thai food.

The whole gang, whoever, is shocked that Sheldon has a date. And next thing we know, Ramona is waiting on Sheldon and becomes his bodyguard. But she goes too far in suggesting he drop all his favorite pursuits to devote his life entirely to science. It's not until she wants credit for his new theory (calling it the Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem) that Sheldon has the guts to throw Ramona out.

Riki Lindhome in “The Big Bang Theory” Video:

Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2008 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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