Rihanna’s Wax Sculpture Is Unsettlingly Realistic

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Rihanna s Wax Sculpture Is Unsettlingly Realistic wenn9530494 640x1001 jpg

Look at this photo. Now cover up the “Madame Tussauds” on the step and repeat banner (so far this is the worst Magic Eye ever – sorry). Can you tell that the figure in front of you is a wax Rihanna and not the actual Rihanna?

I certainly couldn’t, so either my mind has rotted away on pop culture to the point that I can no longer tell real from fake (don’t worry, I still understand that Black Eyed Peas are robots), or this is one hyperrealistic wax sculpture. I kind of want to take a trip to Berlin just to see it up close. And maybe if I’m lucky, she’ll perform “Umbrella” just for me.

(via WENN)