Rihanna Wants You To Know That She Really Really Likes Marijuana

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55th Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center - ArrivalsIn case you and Crushable don't share the hobby of keeping constant tabs on Rihanna‘s Instagram, let me catch you up on something you should know. Rihanna really likes marijuana. Like really really likes it. Likes it more than fishes like to swim or than babies like sunshine. Rihanna likes talking about weed on Twitter and Instagram almost as much as she doesn't like wearing her clothes in selfies. Which is a lot, as you'd know if you'd been going Harriet the Spy on her social media, like we have.

Rihanna Instagram

But just in case the message wasn't coming through as loudly and clearly as possible, Rihanna wanted to drive the point home. She posted a picture of her Valentine's Day present which I'm told is weed-related, but to my eyes resembles nothing so much as a large green Grinch glove. Someone must love her very much to give her so much precious Muppet fur. But on second glance, I'm realizing that this is a marijuana plant. Maybe bigger than a plant. Maybe even a bush or a tree or a rainforest. It looks like a lot of weed, guys. (Has it become obvious yet that I'm painfully under-educated about the care and tending of pot?)

The caption that RiRi added to the photo is ‘Roses are green! Somebody knows how to make me happy', which to me can only mean that this is Chris Brown‘s work. It's not my idea of the most romantic gift ever, but I also don't like to make out with people who have attempted to beat me to death, so apparently Rihanna and I have different tastes. Interestingly, if it is from Chris, it's technically against the law, as his California weed card enables him to buy pot for himself but not for others. But as all of us members of Team Breezy know, Chris Brown is physically incapable of suffering any consequences for his crimes, so we should probably let this slide.

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