Rihanna Tweets A Sexy Swimsuit Photo At A Fan

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Looks like AnnaLynne McCord isn't the only celebrity who likes to tweet sexy photos of herself at individual fans. Yesterday evening, as she continued to enjoy her sexy reefer vacation in Hawaii, Rihanna saw fit to tweet a picture of herself in one very improbable bathing suit (above) to follower/fan MzCprettyFly, alongside the caption “just for u.” This is obviously not true, as her other 12 million followers were able to see it too, but maybe it's the thought that counts?

She tweeted a photo of the back of the swimsuit earlier, not just to one follower but to everyone:

To round things out she tweeted a photo of her chef there in HI, who appears to be trying to make gang signs but really just looks like he has frog hands:

“How hot is my chef?” she asked, to which many people replied that they'd need to see his arms and abs to be sure. Or at least his face. Silly fans. You do not go to Rihanna's twitter page to see pictures of some random chef bro. You go there in the hopes Ri Ri will tweet a nip slip accidentally on purpose.