Rihanna Is Rolling A Sparkly Diamond Princess Joint In Her New Single’s Cover Art

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Rihanna has neven been shy about her love of her leafy green friend Mary Jane, and now she's delivered on her promise to make her a star. In the cover art for her new single “Diamonds,” RiRi can be seen rolling a joint sprinkled with what appears to be diamonds. Or maybe coke. But I prefer to think it's diamonds.

This is a good example of Rihanna appropriating some of that male hiphop bravado for herself, because men aren't the only ones who can celebrate their success by making regular activities unnecessarily expensive. Even her joints are super fancy! Next thing you know, she'll be sitting that famous derriere of hers on a gold-plated toilet. Then again, is it even unnecessary? Maybe lacing her joints with diamonds is Rihanna's secret to sparkling princess beauty and indestructible vocal chords.

And to everyone who is already complaining that kids are going to see this and think doing drugs are cool: it's just weed. Your kids are already familiar with it, I promise. At least she's not snorting or shooting up with the diamonds? Small victories.

(Via Idolator)