In The Least Shocking Naked Photo News Of All Time, Rihanna Poses Nude For Fragrance

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It's hard to even remember what the good girl looked like before she went bad. Rihanna bares all for a photo shoot to promote her new fragrance, Nude. (Get it?) RiRi's bestie Melissa Forde snapped the shots and posted them on Instagram, with the caption “#Nude Behind the scenes for new fragrance photo shoot.” And let's be honest, is anyone surprised?

At this point saying Rihanna posed nude is like saying she walked down the street. Actually, the former is probably more likely, as I doubt she walks anywhere. Maybe with a team of security guards…but you get the point. And obviously RiRi has a bangin bod, but she looks drugged out and not attractive at all here. Who made the decision to keep the dark roots with the bright blonde hair? It looks like she's wearing some sort of headband. But the gist of all this is: naked Rihanna is par for the course.

Maybe when some naked pictures were leaked in 2009, people were shocked. Maybe when a few more came out in 2011, people were like ‘Wow Rihanna, why don't you try locking up your phone when you leave it places?' When she did it for Esquire in 2011, no one was shocked, but hey at least this time it was planned. By the time she told British Women's Fitness that getting naked was a confidence boost, no one batted an eyelash. And now it's 2012 and well, Rihanna herself said it best in her latest Tweet: “I'm such a f**kin lady.”

Shock me Rihanna. Write a song with a happy ending, pet a baby seal, keep your hair one color for more than a week. Or hey, just put on some clothes and sing.