Rihanna Partied So Hard At The Met Gala She Had To Go To The Hospital

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You have to hand it to Rihanna: even when attending an uptight event like the Met Gala, she rages harder than all get out. And as it turns out, she upped the ante this time by partying herself straight into the hospital. Good times!

In response to a fan's query yesterday as to where she had been, the prolific tweeter posted a caption-less photo of herself hooked up to an IV:

According to MediaTakeOut, RiRi was hospitalized for “exhaustion” and “dehydration,” which sounds to me like not-so-secret code for “a hangover.” But of course, a hangover is never just a hangover where famous, wild women are concerned. The latest issue of Star Magazine has a source quoted as saying:

“Rihanna loves to party but this past month she's gotten really out of control…She's been drinking almost everyday and talking about smoking weed a lot, too. Everyone is telling her to slow down and think about therapy, or even rehab.”

On the other hand, a “source” who may or may not be Rihanna's publicist tells Entertainment Tonight that Rihanna has “had a fever and flu since last week and needed an IV but is fine now.” She pulled out of an SNL rehearsal a few days ago for similar reasons.

Personally, I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. I don't doubt that Rihanna is legitimately sick, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that maybe, between her busy schedule of public appearances and her devotion to making it rain dollar bills on strippers, she hasn't been taking care of herself the way a sick person should. Or perhaps her skin just wasn't used to being covered by that much fabric and went into some sort of suffocation-shock. In any case, it seems like Rihanna is back to her perky self again, so no harm, no foul.

(Via The Daily Mail)