Rihanna Kisses A Pooping Justin Bieber In Her Most ‘WTF’ Twitpic Yet

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You know what your Tuesday afternoon needs? A photo of Rihanna kissing Justin Bieber as he sits on the toilet making sexyface. Click through to see it in all its fecal glory.

There. You didn't even know that had been missing from your life, did you?

Okay, so upon closer inspection, that is not actually Justin Bieber, but someone wearing a Justin Bieber mask, and unless he's pooping in his pants, he is not actually pooping. But it's still a strikingly wonderful photo, if for no other reason than the many mysteries it contains. Will they ever be unraveled?

Why did Rihanna take this picture? Is there some secret message she's trying to convey? Is it a tacit commentary on the easily digestible nature of “popular” culture, or something more puerile? Or perhaps she simply smoked a blunt and let the artistic impulse flow through her without overanalysis? One thing's for sure: Rihanna is a modern artist of truly Warholian proportions.

Photo: Twitter