Rihanna Uses Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans To Promote Upcoming Tour In The Most Hilarious Way

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I bet you're wondering what Rihanna, Eminem, and Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans could possibly have in common, and no, the answer does not include a sing-song round of “One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other, One Of These Things Just Doesn't Belong”.  Okay, yes it does.  But the other thing they have in common?  Rihanna is actually using Jenelle Evans to promote her upcoming tour with Eminem.

Yes, that Jenelle Evans.  Don't lie, you totally watch her on MTV, and Jenelle and her mother Barbara are the main reason you do.  Sure, she's an awful mother who has most likely already irrevocably effed up her four-year-old son due to being in a haze of abusive relationships, narcotics, and the highest level of denial ever achieved in human history (second only to Justin Bieber).  But hey, she's entertaining!  And pregnant again, but that's an entirely separate issue altogether.  So what's the connection between her and Rihanna?  I think this clip from badgirlriri's Instagram can explain it better than I:

I hate myself for dying over this.  I really do.  But if you've seen the episode of Teen Mom where Jenelle is more serious than a heart attack over the fact that she couldn't possibly serve jail time BECAUSE KE$HA AND FEATHERS, then I know I'm in good company.

While I'm not exactly a huge fan of Rihanna or Jenelle, I kind of want to get a slow clap going over the brilliant marketing campaign here.  Apparently I'm not alone in my incredulity:

Oh Jenelle.

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