Rihanna Cuts Interview Short After Being Asked About Ashton Kutcher And Chris Brown

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Wow. Rihanna will rue the day she went to Ashton Kutcher‘s house for a midnight playdate because that one evening spawned neverending relationship rumors between the two of them. While some celebrities laugh off relationship rumors, Rihanna fights back by using her mouth and walking out of interviews.

Yesterday on the Australian show Sunrise a reporter speaking to her about her upcoming movie Battleship asked  if it was frustrating being linked to another actor who she barely knows. Rihanna snapped back at her, “Very frustrating. Almost as frustrating as being asked about it.”

While reporter attempted to steer the conversation back to happier places, the interview abruptly ends there. As much as I can understand the frustration Rihanna has when reporters ask her about relationships when she's trying to promote her movie, I think she needs to understand that this is how the industry works.

You can't openly collaborate with an ex and not expect people to grow curious about what's happening. Especially if that ex is Chris Brown, a man who beat you up. And you can't show up to Ashton Kutcher's house at midnight and not expect rumors to start. Unfortunately that's the way things work. I worry that Rihanna  starting to develop a pattern of being hostile to reporters who ask her about her personal life — and as someone who's trying to cross over into the film industry I don't think that's that a wise move on her part.

But I guess that's something she'll have to figure out on her own. Or maybe she won't. Maybe reporters will just learn not to ask her about her relationship status. However that's about as unlikely as Rihanna ever speaking to Ashton Kutcher in public again.