You Have to See Rihanna’s Priceless Reaction to Her Fan’s Amazing Voice in Concert

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Rihanna concert fan 2016

Rihanna was performing a concert on her ANTI tour in Cincinnati this weekend, and for the song “FourFiveSeconds,” she turned the mic on a fan in the front row. Little did she know he had a killer voice. Like, it's so good he should have been featured on that song instead of Kanye West. The moment was captured in an Instagram video, and you absolutely have to see Rihanna's face when she hears the raw talent threatening to steal the show.

I seriously cannot stop watching this, it's so priceless. Her face will launch a thousand reaction GIFs. It's the kind of face that James Corden's carpool karaoke partners make when he reminds them he can actually sing. Like, “Whoa whoa whoa, wait a minute. What the hell is this? I thought I was the only one with pipes around here. Who allowed this?” Rihanna of course quickly takes back the mic and continues the song on her own, lest the crowd hear too much and want the fan to take over the entire show.

The fan in question is named Terah Stewart. He barely even sang for fourfive seconds, but he made a big impression, on the general public and on Rihanna herself. He revealed on Twitter that RiRi followed him, so it looks like there are no hard feelings over him stealing her thunder.

Now that American Idol is ending, maybe this can be the new method for up-and-coming singers to get noticed. Just get a ticket as close to the stage as possible, grab the singer's attention, and sing your heart out. Don't be surprised if this time next year, it's Terah holding the microphone and a new fan singing into it. And on and on it will go, like a chain letter. Pay it forward, people.