Did Rihanna Do Drugs Off A Bald Man’s Head At Coachella?

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Let it be known, I've waited my entire life to have the chance to type out that title and my day finally arrived. Hallelujah and praise the lord who makes Rihanna constantly act out in front of a camera. The singer tweeted a photo of herself sitting on someone's shoulders, enjoying the music at Coachella.

Before you say, “hey that sounds like some good old-fashioned California music festival fun!” let me finish.

On top of this man's head is some kind of substance. Some say white powder, some say weed and some say rogaine flakes (okay, no one said that until just now…but maybe?). Which means there's a big chance that Rihanna did drugs off a bald man's head at Coachella. I guess it's cleaner than a bathroom counter or a head-with-hair, so it could be considered hygienic.

Or it could be considered incredibly stupid. I know Rihanna loves pushing the envelope and tweeting things like “I'm crazy, and I don't pretend to be anything else,” but at some point she has to remember she's a role model for young women. Openly tweeting out photos of carefree drug use is pretty irresponsible when she knows how many young fans she has.

I totally understand that celebrities live life under a microscope and get in far more trouble for bad habits than normal, everyday people. But sorry, that's part of the fame package. That's part of getting paid millions of dollars a year to do what you love. You have to step up, be responsible and embrace being a positive role model. You have the rare position of being able to influence millions of people, use it wisely.

Or at the very least use your Twitter more wisely. Whatever's on top of that guy's head should stay between him, Rihanna and his dermatologist.

(Photos: ONTD)