5 Reasons Why Rihanna And Drake Getting Back Together Is A Good Thing, In GIFs

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Rihanna Blowing A Kiss

I know what you're thinking, and yes, I agree it appears that Rihanna has a personal mission statement about only dating the same guys over and over.  I think that part comes right after the line about recycling hairstyles every year and right before the part where she resolves to make people regret following her on Instagram every chance she gets.

Anyway! Yes, according to TMZ, Rihanna and Drake are “virtually inseparable” across the pond while Drake tours Europe.  While this new may not excite you right off the bat, here are a few reasons why it should.

1. Drake > Chris Brown (Obviously)

drake 2 (via)

Hey, at least she's not dating Chris Brown for the third (fourth? fifth? I give up) time.  And with Chris Brown back in the slammer again, what better time to flaunt your relationship with a much better, far more adored guy?  Snaps for great PR timing.

2. Drake Shows Up For His Concerts

drake 3


I don't mean to be snarky, but Rihanna went through a long streak of pissing off her fans by either showing up super late to her own concerts or, you know, totally not showing up at all.  Girl, please.  You can use a good influence right now.


3. Maybe Now Shakira Can Find Someone Else To Use

drake 4


Since Shakira's boyfriend doesn't want her rolling in the hay with male artists in videos anymore, she chose Rihanna as the perfect video partner to keep her sexy and relevant while not pissing off her old ball n' chain.  Now that Rihanna is busy on another continent with Drake, here's hoping she doesn't have time to go butt-to-butt with Shakira anymore.

4. Funny Guys = Fun Boyfriends
drake 1


Drake hosted SNL.  That's pretty much all I'd need to know to agree to enter a serious relationship with someone, so… yeah.


5. Drake Is Like, Totally Chivalrous 

Drake 5


It's unlike me to condone violence, but I read a lot of romance novels in high school so it's completely acceptable to get into physical altercations with another man for the sake of a lady's reputation.  Next thing you know, there will be a GIF of Drake placing his jacket over a puddle for Rihanna to walk on.

 (Lead GIF: Tumblr)