Rihanna Is Dating Drake Again, In Case You Needed Proof She’s Out Of Ideas

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Rihanna Is Dating Drake Again  In Case You Needed Proof She s Out Of Ideas Rihanna performing in Singapore September 2013 640x375 jpgSomeone should hire Rihanna as an environmental spokesperson, because she has recycling down to a science. Granted, it’s not the kind of recycling where you sort your cans and bottles and reduce your carbon footprint and whatnot, but we all have a different purpose on this earth…

…and Rihanna’s is apparently cycling back through hairstyles she’s already had and people she’s already dated. As I’m sure you recall, she was on-and-off with top-shelf jackass Chris Brown for what seemed like forever, reducing and reusing his impact on the dating pool. And of course once she ran out of haircuts and hair colors, she had to start rotating back through them again. (I secretly can’t wait until gray gets another turn. That looked oddly awesome.)

But in addition to those recycling endeavors, she’s also firing things back up with Drake, seeing if there’s any extra use that can get wrung out of that relationship. Waste not, want not, y’know?

Apparently Drake was in attendance at her show in Dallas last night, which was rescheduled to make up for a cancellation in April — another ongoing theme of hers this year. He sat at the back of the arena and surprised her after the show, and then the two went out for dinner and some super special alone time.

You might be wondering why RiRi insists on dating the same two guys over and over and over again, but it’s just the conservationist in her. Don’t question the fact that she’s doing her part for the planet and not wasting precious resources trying to get to know someone new. Before you sigh and roll her eyes and write her off, don’t. Instead, take this as a sign that you need to be doing more for your environment, and call up that guy things didn’t work out with in high school. I’m sure he’s learned lots of fun new ways to annoy you in the years since you graduated.

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