Rihanna Knows She’s Trolling Us At This Point, Releases Tracklist Featuring Chris Brown

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Rihanna tracklist Unapologetic Chris Brown "Nobodies Business"I really don't want to be passing judgment on Rihanna‘s emotional state, but when every week there's a new story about her supporting her abusive ex Chris Brown, it gets harder and harder to respect her. In the past month or so, she's agreed to testify that Breezy didn't break his probation — which he earned after, you know, beating her up — and allegedly will even get a boob job to keep his affections.

Then late last night she released the official tracklist for her new album Unapologetic via a handwritten note on Instagram. I haven't been keeping up on Rihanna's collaborations, but I'm excited to see her teaming up with Eminem again for “Numb” (after last year's “Love the Way You Lie”), plus there's her single “Diamonds” that we've already heard a bit about. And what's that sitting there at #10? Oh, just her new song “Nobodies Business” featuring Chris Brown.

Rihanna tracklist Unapologetic Chris Brown "Nobodies Business"

I have no explanation other than Rihanna knows she's trolling us with shit like this. She acts like it's no big deal to post this kind of thing on Twitter, fully aware that it will incense her 26 million Twitter followers and everyone who doesn't want to see a second round of those photos of her bloody and bruised face. It's hard to believe that it was nine months ago that RiRi and Chris collaborated on the incredibly uncomfortable single “Birthday Cake.” While the sexually-charged lyrics had us squirming, there's something more chilling about the title of this new track, “Nobodies Business.”

If we're going by face value with these titles, Rihanna isn't going to apologize for the people on her album. And when it comes to this song, she doesn't want to hear what you have to say about her ex. For his part, Chris recently released a music video about being in love with Rihanna and girlfriend Karrueche Tran at the same time, making him even more of a douche.

But according to Rihanna, this is all private. Well, private to her, Chris, and their millions of fans. Is she looking to stir up controversy and get more people to buy the album — admittedly, a smart business movie — or could this be a cry for help?

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