Chris Brown and Rihanna Need To Be All Or Nothing, Because I Can’t Take Any More Rumors

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It seems that every day there is a new report that Rihanna and Chris Brown are getting back together, and I’m over it. Yes, I recognize that by writing this article I am contributing to the problem, but only with the hope that this will spark some sort of change. Maybe Rihanna or Breezy will read my article and decide once and for all that they need to make a decision. (I know, definitely won't happen, but a girl can dream.)

I feel that before I say anything, I should be clear: I don’t want Chris Brown and Rihanna to get back together. I think they had a very unhealthy relationship and it would be a mistake. I know what some might be thinking: who am I to say anything? While none of us were  physically there during the good times, after all of these reports I certainly feel like we were there for the bad ones…and the bad ones were bad. For one thing, I refuse to support an abusive relationship. Nobody forgets the fact that he beat her up in 2009-which was essentially the catalyst for the present obsession with their rocky relationship. While that incident certainly deserved all of the attention it received, it’s now three years later and we’re still so obsessed. Why can’t we just leave it alone?

Oh, I know why, because Rihanna and Chris Brown can’t decide if they want to be in a relationship or not. Instead, there’s a new headline about the two of them every week because they can’t seem to leave each other alone.

For starters Rihanna went on Oprah to talk about how she feels sorry for him.  Then they rocked headlines once again when they shared a kiss at the VMAs this year. About a month later Chris got a tattoo of what he claims to be a “random woman,” that looks mysteriously like the photo of a badly beaten Rihanna, and just last week there was speculation that Rihanna might defend Chris brown at his probation hearing.

Now the New York Post suggests that Rihanna and Chris Brown were canoodling in a locked bathroom stall in NYC this weekend, only after they were also seen making out on the dancefloor. Okay, assuming this is true and these two are on a one-way road to reconciliation, then they need to get on with it. Stop pretending you’re not friends (and maybe lovers) because we know you are, and stop leaving the nightclub in 5 minute increments, because it doesn’t matter.

I know there are plenty of people out there who will hit me with the #teambreezy and #fuckdahaters, or tell me I know nothing about their relationship, but I’m not saying any of this to cast judgment on their decision either way.  What I'm asking for is that they get their shit together, decide what they want, and then hopefully we can stop analyzing their screwed up relationship. All I’m trying to say is: Rihanna might get  back together with Chris Brown, or she might not get back together with Chris brown, but it does not need to be a headline every day. It just doesn’t.

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