Dr. Drew Says Of Rihanna/Chris Brown ‘I Don’t Fault Either Person’ — Which Means He Does Blame Rihanna A Little, Right?

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Dr. Drew Rihanna Chris Brown abuse "I don't fault either of them" blameOh, Dr. Drew. It hasn't even been a week since he made us all uncomfortable on the Teen Mom reunion show, and yet he's stirring up trouble again. This time he moves from reality TV to radio, joining former *NSYNC member Lance Bass on his new Sirius show “Dirty Pop with Lance Bass.” Lance jumps right in, asking the Celebrity Rehab host's opinion on the ongoing Chris Brown/Rihanna debacle.

“On average, it takes a woman in a domestic violence situation eight attempts at leaving before she leaves,” Dr. Drew said. “They go back—they misinterpret the intensity as love. They think it’s so intense and great, ‘He loves me so much, that’s why he got so upset.’ We haven’t heard the end of this.”

But see, Rihanna already worked through the “it's not intensity, it's abuse” revelation with her “We Found Love” video. At least, I'd like to think that, but then we see her apparently backsliding by kissing Chris at the VMAs. (Although I maintain that he went in for the kiss and she simply responded politely before getting the hell out of there.) When Lance asked if Dr. Drew would call Rihanna a battered woman, he responded,

“Let’s face it, she’s attracted to that …  Listen, I don’t fault either person. I don’t [say,] ‘Oh, it’s a bad person.’ These are human experiences. These are very common situations these days.”

…Who exactly is the “bad person” Dr. Drew is referring to here? Is he joining the majority in proclaiming Chris Brown nothing short of monstrous for those awful photos of the injuries he dealt Rihanna? Or is he saying that Rihanna should be judged for letting Chris back into her life after everything? I have to agree with The Frisky, Dr. Drew is oddly vague, and by not clarifying his comments he certainly makes it sound like he thinks Rihanna deserves some of the blame for Chris beating her up.

I remember when the reports of their fight first came out in 2009: Rihanna found text messages from one of Chris' old hook-ups on his phone and started arguing with him about it. Then he grabbed her and slammed her head into the passenger door. In no way did Rihanna “deserve” Chris' violent reaction. She didn't do a thing wrong. Maybe Dr. Drew was trying to be diplomatic, but what he said came out sounding a lot more victim-shaming. Watch for yourself:

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