The Definitive Ranking of Rihanna’s Top 20 Best Music Videos

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Rihanna is undeniably one of the biggest pop divas of our generation. For the past 13 years since she burst onto the scene with “Pon de Replay,” Rih has released hit after hit, building up a legendary reputation on and off the charts. In addition to her domination in the hit-making department, Rihanna is also one of the coolest celebrities around. She parties with other stars, has tons of tattoos, devotes her time and money to important causes, and pulls off outfits we could never even dream of wearing. Basically, she's a badass.

Rihanna always brings her signature attitude to her music videos, too, giving us some the most memorable clips of recent years. She's also quite the stylistic chameleon. Sometimes she dances up a storm, and sometimes she barely moves at all. She hardly ever wears the same hairstyle twice, but whatever she chooses always looks amazing and feels just right. We've done it with other stars like Katy Perry and Beyoncé, so here we go: this is our definitive ranking of Rihanna's 20 best music videos.