Real Talk: Even Just Talking About Rihanna’s 777 Tour Is Making Me Tired

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I'm only 25, but reading about Rihanna and her tour schedule right now is making me feel like a crotchetty old lady. The first lady of pop and tattoos is currently in the midst of her ‘777' tour, which is seven consecutive concerts in seven different countries. It's only in North America and Europe, but still — ugh, god, I need to take a nap after just saying that. It's not a full tour, it's just a mini crash tour to promote her newest album, Unapologetic, which is being released this Monday, November 19th. The full tour will come in 2013, and the American leg will begin in March.

But for now she's globe-trotting for a week, and not alone! As part of the promotional aspect of the 777 tour, to celebrate her 7th(agh!) album in just 7 years, Rihanna is traveling with a group of fans and more than 150 journalists from 82 different countries. And everyone travels together aboard a big fancy chartered Boeing 777 twinjet. OF COURSE. How perfect. If I didn't already know that 777s existed, I'd accuse Boeing of creating them just for this tour.

But seriously — how crazy is this girl? According to this Rolling Stone article by one of the press agents aboard, Rihanna is not only doing the show every night and making minor changes and improvements, but also staying up until 6am partying and making drinks for her fans. Um, no. Impossible. My body literally could not do that, and my job is literally waking up, eating, writing, and then going to sleep…not putting on a show for thousands of people every night. I don't get this girl. Is she some sort of fame-seeking robot? Or am I Benjamin Button-ing my way into obscurity?

She's already traveled to Toronto, Mexico City, and Stockholm. Stay tuned for four more countries and then an epic nap.

(Images: Carsten Windhorst / WENN.com and Wikipedia)