Right Before The Premiere Of Her New Show, Chelsea Handler Gets Challenged By A Pro Female Wrestler

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Great idea: let's let 2012 be the year we overdose on Chelsea Handler, shall we? First there was Chelsea Lately, then After Lately and now adding into the mix is Are You There, Chelsea? which will premiere next Wednesday January 11th on NBC. And just as the show gets ready to air, Handler has been challenged by pro female wrestler Beth Phoenix after she talked smack about lady wrestlers on Chelsea Lately this week.

Via Twitter, Phoenix suggested that Handler, who's known for tossing around insults toward other celebrities and anyone else who annoys her, should jump in the ring to “see what a Champ is made of.” Taking into consideration Phoenix's huge, terrifying muscular arms and obvious thirst for Handler blood, it's safe to assume Chelsea won't be taking her up on that offer. She also has her plate full at the moment promoting her show, which is based on her 2008 memoir Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea. Are You There Vodka is about Chelsea's “wilder” days, which include such highlights as being arrested for DUI, a boyfriend's penis being licked by a dog (and him letting the dog do it), her interesting relationship with her father, and some skilled lying.

The role of Chelsea will be played by former That 70's Show cast member Laura Preppon, while Handler, who fancies herself an actor all of a sudden, will play Chelsea's older, preggers, born again Christian sister Sloane. Obviously these two contrasting characters are supposed to make for a funny show, but there's no guarantee, of course.

Basically what we have here is Chelsea Handler reliving her 20's through Preppon and it's scripted in such a way that you can't help but roll your eyes at the made-for-TV banter. Is it really necessary that she take her memoir, that (fine!) was somewhat entertaining, and turn it into a show that the FCC will prevent from living up to the book's foul mouthed language and overt sexuality? There's no way NBC is going to include anything about a dog licking a man's penis and the TMI disgusting description of another lover's red pubic hair. It's not as though you can discreetly walk around topics like this and last I checked “red Easter grass” wasn't exactly a well-known euphemism for red pubes.

If you haven't seen the trailer yet, here you go. It might be fun to picture Handler (who's rocking a nasty brown wig in the show) being tossed around in the ring with Phoenix at the helm.

(photo via NBC)