Professional Troll Riff Raff Wants Money Because James Franco’s Spring Breakers Character Looks Like Him

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The supremely ridiculous white rapper known as Riff Raff has given a somewhat menacing interview after noticing that James Franco‘s character in Spring Breakers looks a lot like him.

For those not in the know, Riff Raff is the white rapper version of Borat, if Sasha Baron Cohen were to insist on staying in character at all times. He has given various conflicting (and false) accounts of his past, clear evidence that he's a rich art school kid putting on a white trash minstrel show. As with the South African rave-rap group Die Antwoord, I would not be particularly sad if he got shot, but in the meantime, I find him highly entertaining.

Anyway! Riff Raff starts the interview off strong by saying James Franco is “prolly gonna win a Grammy” for the role, then rants a bit about how much he looks like him. “Obviously the style is based on me. I don't have to say that. People see the picture, they think it's me.” But that's okay, because James Franco is going to make him a ton of money:

“Say you got a twin brother and somebody goes to school for you takes the test for you and gets a damn 100 on the SATs and gets straight As and all that. You don't even have to go to school. So that's what I'm gonna do right now. Millions are gonna come in off this, millions are coming in off this.”

How, Riff Raff? How are you going to make millions off of this?

He expounds a bit upon how much additional ice Franco should have worn in the movie to truly be “arctic deep sea 11” before answering the question:

I'm not gonna be a litt;e fan in the stands, like “oh shit, there's somebody playin' me. I don't want no money. You can have all the money and the fame and shit, you don't even hafta talk about me. No, go ahead.' I'm sittin' back watchin', so I sit back in the bleachers and I wait. There's a deadline for this check, though. Check come in, it's cool, everything good. It don't come in, that's when I call in the hounds, you know?

Translation: he is going to sue them. Or maybe sick literal attack dogs on James Franco and Harmony Korine? One never knows.

I'm not sure how much money Riff Raff thinks this movie is going to make; “millions” for a bit of costume design seems kind of steep. And I know “Blake” or “Chad” or whatever his real name is probably didn't pay much attention during his Pratt critiques, but he hardly invented the concept of the embarrassing southern wigger. (Just ask Kevin Federline.) I just hope Blake is prepared to finance Riff Raff's amusing, expensive and ultimately unsuccessful lawsuit.

(Via Fuse TV)