16 of the Most Ridiculous Uses of Product Placement in Music Videos

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Music videos are an interesting cultural phenomenon. As fans, they're an entertaining way to engage with the music you love, and often you get to see your favorite artists really let loose. But for record labels, videos are an important opportunity to make lots and lots of moolah. If you watch many MVs, you've probably noticed that product placement is extremely common. Whether it's a car, a cell phone, or clothing, top artists are regularly paid to promote things through their videos.

But not all product placement is created equal. In fact, while some fit in seamlessly with the narrative of the vid, some branded moments can be downright questionable, frustrating, and comical. These might not be videos that will change your life, but you can at least laugh about it a little we hope. Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift didn't make the cut for this list, but some of your favorites might not have been so lucky.