Ricky Gervais Thinks Rick Gervais Was Great At The Golden Globes

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Ricky Gervais‘ toned down performance at the Golden Globes this past weekend may have had its critics, but surprisingly enough, Ricky Gervais himself was not among them.

“The crowd was with me this time,” he told Deadline.com. “They went where I went. It’s like they were ready for me this time and it felt pitch-perfect.”

It might be more honest to say he was with them, as he delivered mostly PG-13 rated humor directed at only the most acceptable targets (the Kardashians, NBC, etc.). But that didn't stop him from going on and on before the show about how much he was going to make fun of all the celebrities in their fancy clothes, to their faces! Nor did it stop NBC from promoting him as “the host we can't control! (OMG srsly you guys he crazy!)”

While I still find some of Gervais' jokes funny, I have to say I'm starting to agree with Vulture's Willa Paskin that the amount that Ricky Gervais talks himself up is starting to overshadow his actual talent. What do you think?

(Via The New York Daily News)