5 Facts About The ‘Richard Gere Gerbil’ Urban Legend

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Richard Gere gerbil urban legend Sylvester Stallone birthdayToday is Richard Gere‘s birthday! Sixty-three years ago this silver fox was born, and about twenty years ago he became the subject of a sordid urban legend that to this day he's still associated with. Seriously, it was “wtf” before we were speaking in acronyms. I'm talking, of course, about the infamous story from the early 1990s about Richard Gere sticking a gerbil up his ass and it getting stuck, so he had to go to Cedars-Sinai to get it removed. As the story goes, he of course wanted to keep it secret because revealing his kinky little mistake would out him, since it was gay men who were known for “gerbilling.”

It's the kind of story that has haunted Gere his entire career, with a few celebrities commenting on it but mostly fans sharing it around as conversation starters at parties or on sites like this. So in honor of Gere's birthday, we could think of no better way than to revisit the story that illustrates his greatest impact on pop culture. (Though Pretty Woman is a close second!) Here are the five facts you should know about the Richard Gere gerbil legend.