5 Facts About Kristen Taekman, The New RHONY Housewife

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Kristen Taekman Real Housewives Of New York season 6With all the contract negotiations happening with the Real Housewives of New York cast of late, it's starting to seem like the pre-season might actually be more drama-filled and fun to watch than the show itself. First it seemed like the series might be cancelled altogether because everyone was holding out for more money, then things were going to go on as planned, with the ladies all returning, and getting some free hairdos thrown in there, just for good measure and bargaining purposes. But now I don't know where anybody stands, because apparently LuAnn de Lesseps hasn't signed back on yet and there's a whole new Housewife being introduced, Kristen Taekman. I don't know if she's just being vetted or if she'll actually appear on the show, but let's cover all our bases and learn a thing or two about her anyway, shall we? Maybe even a thing or five.

  1. First of all, according to her Facebook, she lives in Connecticut, not New York. WHAT NEW DEVILRY IS THIS.
  2. She's married to Josh Taekman, who made his money as the founder of Eboost, and energy drink, and as the previous vice president of marketing for none other than P Diddy.
  3. Her maiden name is Caroll. Feel free to go crazy with that particular bit of information.
  4. She's friends with Brandi Glanville, of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills franchise. Aka she probably knows her way around a Twitter, and may even be sporting a revenge vagina.
  5. She has two childrens and a former modeling career.

And that's all the internet has to tell me, so far. We don't even know whom she's replacing, although my money is on LuAnn or Aviva Drescher, the two women whose contract signings have been the most shrouded in mystery. I guess we'll see when the new season starts. Until then, better sharpen your claws and uncork that Pinot, ladies, because I know you've been told to bring the drama.

(Image: BuzzFeed)