17 Times Female Musicians Got the Perfect Revenge With Their Music

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Ever wished you could get public, high-profile revenge on someone who really ticked you off? Is the medium of song your favorite possible way to get back at somebody? Well, you’re not alone. The revenge song has been a staple feature of popular music for decades now — and I’m not just talking about Taylor Swift’s entire discography. A ton of female artists have had the last word in fights with their exes, parents, haters, or former friends through their music. They’ve used songs to throw serious shade at subjects who are sometimes obvious and sometimes more mysterious.

If you’re not all that familiar with music history’s fiercest female-fronted revenge songs, we’ve got you covered. From Carly Simon to Demi Lovato, here’s a wide range of women who didn’t hold back and got the perfect revenge through their music. Next time you’re seriously mad at someone, you’ll be rocking out to these legendary ladies’ tracks.