Treat Yo’Self To This Amazing Retta Stand-Up From Fallon Last Night

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Retta stand-up set on Jimmy Fallon April 2013Before you watch this clip, you may know Retta as Donna Smeagle from Parks And Recreation. After watching it, you'll still know her as Donna, but you may also know her as ‘that lady who did an awesome stand-up set on The Late Show With Jimmy Fallon last night'. I've always loved her on Parks And Rec, but for some reason it never occurred to me that she might be kick-ass at stand-up, also. Obviously now that I've seen her rock it out, it all makes perfect sense, especially now that I did even the teensiest tiniest bit of research (read: Wikipedia lurking) and discovered that she's been doing stand-up since 1996 and actually does that way more than acting, although she'd like to make the transition. Well don't I feel foolish.

But regardless, it's a great set! Her main themes are racism and road rage, which made me slightly nervous at first because, as a self-identified entitled white bitch, those kinds of sets sometimes make me uncomfortable, but I needn't have worried! It's guilt-free laughter, you guys, because Retta says it's okay! We're all a little bit racist, you just need to know the differences between all the different forms (e.g. old-school, traditional, old-fashioned, Retta will explain them all), so you understand how to ‘keep that mess to yourself'. Wise advice, you guys. Very wise advice. And as Retta points out, she actually follows it herself:

“It's only during high-stress situations that I find that my racism rears its ugly head. like when I've been in line for an hour at the DMV and the blonde in front of me insists on flipping her hair forward and back, forward and back until it brushes across my face and sticks to my lip gloss. That is a situation where a white girl might find herself gettin' snatched by a black woman. Okay?”

Ha! I love that. Because we've all been there. I don't happen to be the kind of white girl who goes flipping my hair into anybody's lip gloss, but if I was and if I did, I would absolutely expected to get…snatched because of it. (That's a word I can say, right? Am I pulling that off?) That's not even racist, that's the school of hard knocks, ya'll, and all I want is for Retta to teach me all about it.