9 Predictions We Have For Taylor Swift’s Upcoming Album Reputation

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Taylor Swift is long overdue for an album. Last fall she broke her 10-year streak of releasing an album every other year and Swifties have been on edge knowing that any second of any day TS6 could drop out of nowhere. Only time will tell… and that time is now. Taylor Swift's new album is almost here. Confirmed.

Today we finally got a name for TS6 and a date. Reputation is set for release on November 10th. SO SOON! But even sooner, her first single from the album drops tomorrow night. I'm ready for it, whatever it may be. So far all she's given us to work off of are a few creepy GIFs of a snake and her album cover showing an assortment of news clippings. It may not be much, but it's enough for us to start speculating on all the things that Reputation and Taylor's new image may include.

1. A Rebirth Is Here

Big Machine Records

In case you don’t have any social media or live under a rock, Taylor Swift completely erased herself from social media this past week. That’s right. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. Gone. This was the start, as TS herself would say, “the start of an age.” She later posted several GIFs of some type of reptile tail… which sent the internet in a conspiracy craze. But come on, we all knew it was a snake. Her new album cover for Reputation is a huge departure from all her previous albums… the elimination of color being the biggest change. More than that, something just feels different.

Tay's social media cleanse holds two arguments: some are sad to see the past left behind, while others are happy for the future. Erasing years of social media is such a drastic proclamation of “rebirth,” so it's safe to say Tay is definitely trying to make a statement. Dark, creepy, slithery snakes are light years away, as are her sparkly princess gowns, curly hair, and banjos.