‘Reproductive Ryan Gosling’ Meme Sets Our Feminist Hearts Aflutter

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Is there anything sexier than a hot guy who is also a feminist? No, I think not. Hence, my love for the “Reproductive Ryan Gosling” meme knows no bounds.

As a response to the recent attacks on women's reproductive rights, these photos are pretty great, as they reinforce the absurdity of things like equating women who want birth control with “dirty sluts who should film pornos for Rush Limbaugh” with pithy little statements. And putting those words in the mouth of our beloved Baby Goose makes it all go down a little bit smoother.

Here are a few of my favorites:

A little bit wordy, but true. And look at those baby blues!

Hold you I will, Reproductive Ryan Gosling.

All right, sounds like a plan!

The best part about it is, you know Ryan Gosling does not disagree with any of these sentiments. He's just out there, walking around in the world, being all hot and smart and believing in women's rights and stuff. Following the Reproductive Ryan Gosling tumblr is like a little daily gift I give to myself.

(Via RRG)