Report: Danielle Staub Wants Ashley Holmes Dead

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Danielle Staub has hit an all-time low. In a report of a creepy Twitter exchange given exclusively to Crushable by Life & Style, Danielle replied with glee to a fellow tweeter's wish to see rival Ashley Holmes commit suicide.

“No matter what happened between Danielle and Ashley, Danielle is the adult,” an insider close to Ashley's mom Jacqueline Laurita tells Life & Style. “She’s a mother. What if someone said something like that about her kids? How would she react then?”

Remember: Ashley is 19.  She hates Danielle, who no longer speaks to Jaqueline, her castmate on The Real Housewives Of New Jersey. And Danielle – an adult with two kids (and a sex tape) – took the drama too far by continuing an inappropriate relationship with Ashley, who had been taunting her via text.

Now! For the offending tweets, scouted by Life & Style. On July 30 a 21-year-old model, actor and prolific Twitterer named Edwin Orocho – or @PriinceEdwiin – tweeted at Danielle: “ItsMyBDAYToday AndIWant @_ashleyholmes 2 kill herself & videotape so I can sit back, relax, & share the popcorn w/ @DanielleStaub.”

Minutes later, Danielle responded with this:

Sweet! Shouldn't Ashley be the one with the bodyguard?